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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 22, 2015 at 20:43
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using System;
using Microsoft.AspNet.DataProtection;
using Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection;

public class Program
    public static void Main(string[] args)
        // add data protection services
        var serviceCollection = new ServiceCollection();
        var services = serviceCollection.BuildServiceProvider();

        // get an IDataProtector from the IServiceProvider
        var protector = services.GetDataProtector("Contoso.Example.v2");
        Console.Write("Enter input: ");
        string input = Console.ReadLine();

        // protect the payload
        string protectedPayload = protector.Protect(input);
        Console.WriteLine($"Protect returned: {protectedPayload}");

        // unprotect the payload
        string unprotectedPayload = protector.Unprotect(protectedPayload);
        Console.WriteLine($"Unprotect returned: {unprotectedPayload}");

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