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// Code snippet that can be run in Scala worksheet or Scala/SBT console
// Abstract parent class
abstract class VinFormat {
  val vin: String = "1234567890"

// The ISO format is one of the many VIN formats
case class Iso3779VinFormat(
    val wmiCode: String, 
    val vds: String, 
    val vis: String) extends VinFormat {
  override val vin = wmiCode + vds + vis

// The US and Canadian VIN format
case class NorthAmericanVinFormat(
    val wmiCode: String, 
    val vehicleAttributes:String, 
    val checkDigit: String, 
    val modelYear: String, 
    val plantCode: String, 
    val sequenceNumber: String) extends VinFormat{
  override val vin = wmiCode +
    vehicleAttributes + 
    checkDigit + 
    modelYear + 
    plantCode + 

// Function that accepts a VIN and takes appropriate actions
def checkVIN(vin: VinFormat) {
  vin match {
    case Iso3779VinFormat(wmiCode, vds, vis) => println("ISO VIN: " + vin)
    case NorthAmericanVinFormat(wmiCode,
      sequenceNumber) => println("North America VIN: " + vin)

val jeep = new NorthAmericanVinFormat("wmiCode",

checkVIN(jeep) //Output = North America VIN: NorthAmericanVinFormat(wmiCode,vehicleAttributes,checkDigit,modelYear,plantCode,sequenceNumber)

val bmw = new Iso3779VinFormat(

checkVIN(bmw) // Output = ISO VIN: Iso3779VinFormat(WmiCode,vds,vis)

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