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parameter SimpleController.Temp controllerType=
               Modelica.Blocks.Types.SimpleController.PID "Type of controller";
        parameter Real k(min=0) = 1 "Gain of controller";
        parameter Modelica.SIunits.Time Ti(min=Modelica.Constants.small)=0.5 
          "Time constant of Integrator block";
        parameter Modelica.SIunits.Time Td(min=0)=0.1 
          "Time constant of Derivative block";
        parameter Real yMax=1 "Upper limit of output";
        parameter Real yMin=-yMax "Lower limit of output";
        parameter Real wp(min=0) = 1 
          "Set-point weight for Proportional block (0..1)";
        parameter Real wd(min=0) = 0 
          "Set-point weight for Derivative block (0..1)";
        parameter Real Ni(min=100*Modelica.Constants.eps) = 0.9 
          "Ni*Ti is time constant of anti-windup compensation";
        parameter Real Nd(min=100*Modelica.Constants.eps) = 10 
          "The higher Nd, the more ideal the derivative block";
        parameter InitPID.Temp initType=Modelica.Blocks.Types.InitPID.DoNotUse_InitialIntegratorState 
          "Type of initialization";
        parameter Boolean limitsAtInit = true 
          "= false, if limits are ignored during initializiation";
        parameter Real xi_start=0 
          "Initial or guess value value for integrator output (= integrator state)";
        parameter Real xd_start=0 
          "Initial or guess value for state of derivative block";
        parameter Real y_start=0 "Initial value of output";

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