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Submitted by anonymous on Aug 27, 2015 at 09:21
Language: Makefile. Code size: 511 Bytes.

ICONS_FLAG := $(JRD_CUSTOM_RES)/flag/icons_flag
	@echo now building the customized icons...
	$(hide) mkdir -p $(JRD_CUSTOM_RES)/flag
	$(hide) mkdir -p $(JRD_CUSTOM_RES)/overlay
	$(hide) $(ACP) -r $(JRD_WIMDATA)/wcustores/$(JRD_PROJECT)/Photos/images/* $(JRD_CUSTOM_RES)/
	@find $(JRD_CUSTOM_RES) -type f | xargs touch
	@echo "### this file is generated by, used as a flag, do not modify it" > $(ICONS_FLAG)
	@echo building the customized icons done.

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