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Submitted by samtux on Sep 29, 2015 at 13:39
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CREATE TABLE public.sismos (
	gid serial PRIMARY KEY,
	"fecha" DATE,
	"hora" varchar(50),
	"latitud" numeric,
	"longitud" numeric,
	"prof_km" numeric,
	"mag_mi" numeric,
	"mag_mw" varchar(254),
	"departamento" varchar(254),
	"municipio" varchar(254),
	"num_estaciones" numeric(10,0),
	"rms_seg" numeric,
	"gap_grad" numeric(10,0),
	"error_lat_km" numeric,
	"error_lon_km" numeric,
	"error_prof_km" numeric,
	"estado" varchar(254)

SELECT AddGeometryColumn('public','sismos','geom','3857','POINT',2);

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