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""" A module of the functions that are used in the project. 
Created on Sat Sep 26 19:08:15 2015

@author: Dexter Antonio, Hayley Caddes, Chinedu Okorafor

import numpy 
import math 

def convertVtoY(V,s): # this fuction takes a value of volume (V)  and returns a heihgt of water (y) value  
    return ((V*3.0*s**2.0)/(numpy.pi))**(1./3.)
def convertYtoV(y,s): #this function takes a y value and converts it to a V value 
    return y**3.0*numpy.pi/(3.0*s**2.0)
def Qin(t): #takes time and outputs the inflow of water at that time 
    return 3.5*(math.sin(t))**2.0

def Qout(y, Yout): #this is the function takes the height of the water and the output height and returns the outflow 
    if y > Yout:
        return 3.2*(y-Yout)**1.4
        return 0
    #Eulers Method 
    #takes t0 -initial time, f0-intial function value, the yout of the tank
    # diffeq is the right side of a differential equation, f(t), of the form df/dt = f(t)
    # delta T is the change in time and maxSteps is the number of steps
def EulersMethod(t0,f0,yout,s,difEq,deltaT,maxSteps): 
    timeArray = []
    fArray  = []
    for i in range(maxSteps+1):
    return timeArray,fArray
def diffEq(t ,V,yout,s):
    return Qin(t)-Qout(convertVtoY(V,s),yout)

#this is the function that takes the ytop of the tank and the s value and returns
#the surface area    
def surfacearea(s,ytop):
    h = ytop
    surfaceArea = (numpy.pi*h**2./(s**2.))*numpy.sqrt(1+s**2.)
    return surfaceArea 

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