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Submitted by anonymous on Nov 02, 2015 at 00:56
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# Here we are going to need a surface velocity magnitude eventually because w is in 3 components.
def surfaceVelVec(a,Step):
    return ball[a,radius,Step]*ball[a,w_x:w_z+1,Step]

# Consider combining to directly calculate angular acceleration.
def surfaceFrictionFrom(a,b,Step):
    difference = surfaceVelVec(a,Step)-surfaceVelVec(b,Step)
    return mu*difference/mag(a,difference[0],difference[1],difference[2],Step)*k*(X)
def momOfInertia(a,Step):
    return .4*ball[a,mass,Step]*ball[a,radius,Step]**2

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