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task 1


Submitted by anonymous on Jan 21, 2016 at 23:55
Language: Python 3. Code size: 608 Bytes.

#task 1

iD= ""
name= ""
telNum= 0
Qualifs= ""
correct = False
answerDet= ""

print ("---Employee details---")

while not correct:
    iD= input("Input id: ")
    name= input("input name: ")
    telNum= int(input("input phone number: "))
    Qualifs= str(input("Qualif, AP or FQ?: "))

    print("kk: ", iD, "nn: ", name, "ll: ", telNum, "ll: ", Qualifs)
    answerDet= input("All your details correct?: ")
    answerDet= answerDet.lower()

    if answerDet== "yes":
        correct= True

print ("Thank you for the details", name)
input ("\n\n Press the enter key to exit.")

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