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package com.hfad.databasetest;

import java.util.GregorianCalendar;

 * Created by Stephen on 3/2/2016.
 * Class Entry represents one entry of a rock climbing trip.
 * Each method has its own get/set method to access the fields.
 * The method gradeToString() is helpful for converting the styles-less grade of the climb into a string
 * representing either the bouldering grade or the top rope grade.
 * The method swapParams is a helper method for use in sorting. Allows ArrayLists to be sorted more easily by allowing
 * entries of the same type simply swap data. Accepts another Entry as input.
public class Entry {

     * Each entry consists of three things.
     * Grade-Day-RopeClimbing
    private int myGrade; //grade of the climb
    private boolean ropeClimbing; //boolean to represent top roping or bouldering
    private Day myDay;

     * Constructor for class Entry. This is the expected format for creation of a new entry.
     * @param inputGrade an int that represents the grade of the climb, 0-12 supported so far.
     * @param inputRopeBoolean boolean to represent topRoping vs Belaying. if inputRopeBoolean is true then they are rope climbing.
    public Entry(int inputGrade, boolean inputRopeBoolean, int year, int month, int day){
        myGrade = inputGrade;
        ropeClimbing = inputRopeBoolean;
        myDay = new Day(year, month, day);


    public Entry(){
        myGrade = 0;
        myDay = null;
        ropeClimbing = false;

    public String gradeToString(){
        //conversion for yosemite decimal grades
        String[] ydsGrade = {"5.9", "5.10a", "5.10b", "5.10c", "5.10d", "5.11a", "5.11b", "5.11c", "5.11d", "5.12a", "5.12b", "5.12c", "5.12d"};
        String output = "";
            output+= ydsGrade[myGrade];
            output += "V";
            output += myGrade;
        return output;

    public void swapParams(Entry e){
        Entry tempEntry = new Entry(myGrade, ropeClimbing, myDay.year, myDay.month,;



    public boolean isRopeClimbing() {return ropeClimbing;}

    public int getRawGrade(){ return myGrade; }

    public void setGrade(int grade) {
        this.myGrade = grade;

    public void setRopeClimbing(boolean ropeClimbing) {
        this.ropeClimbing = ropeClimbing;

    public void setMyDate(Entry e) {
        myDay = e.getDay();

    public Day getDay(){ return myDay; }

    public void setDay(Day inputDay){
        myDay = inputDay;
    public String entryToString(){
        String output = "";
        output = myDay.toString() + " " + myGrade + " " + ropeClimbing;
        return output;

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