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Submitted by Nimmy on Jun 14, 2016 at 21:53
Language: Nimrod. Code size: 1.3 kB.

import sdl2

type SDLException = object of Exception

template sdlFailIf(cond: typed, reason: string) =
  if cond: raise SDLException.newException(
    reason & ", SDL error: " & $getError())

proc main =
  sdlFailIf(not sdl2.init(INIT_VIDEO or INIT_TIMER or INIT_EVENTS)):
    "SDL2 initialization failed"

  # defer blocks get called at the end of the procedure, even if an
  # exception has been thrown
  defer: sdl2.quit()

  sdlFailIf(not setHint("SDL_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY", "2")):
    "Linear texture filtering could not be enabled"

  let window = createWindow(title = "Our own 2D platformer",
    w = 1280, h = 720, flags = SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN)
  sdlFailIf window.isNil: "Window could not be created"
  defer: window.destroy()

  let renderer = window.createRenderer(index = -1,
    flags = Renderer_Accelerated or Renderer_PresentVsync)
  sdlFailIf renderer.isNil: "Renderer could not be created"
  defer: renderer.destroy()

  # Set the default color to use for drawing
  renderer.setDrawColor(r = 110, g = 132, b = 174)

  # Game loop, draws each frame
  while true:
    # Draw over all drawings of the last frame with the default
    # color
    # Show the result on screen


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