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Submitted by anonymous on Jul 25, 2016 at 20:53
Language: C. Code size: 880 Bytes.

int disparity_pixel_coprocessor(volatile unsigned int* addrLeft, volatile unsigned int* addrRight,
		volatile unsigned int *addrOutput, unsigned char bpp, unsigned int xDim, unsigned int yDim, 
		volatile int* current_row, unsigned int maxDisparity) {
#pragma HLS INTERFACE s_axilite port=current_row bundle=CTRL_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE s_axilite port=return
#pragma HLS INTERFACE s_axilite port=yDim bundle=CTRL_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE s_axilite port=xDim bundle=CTRL_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE s_axilite port=bpp bundle=CTRL_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE m_axi depth=10000 port=addrOutput offset=slave bundle=MASTER_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE m_axi depth=10000 port=addrRight offset=slave bundle=MASTER_BUS
#pragma HLS INTERFACE m_axi depth=10000 port=addrLeft offset=slave bundle=MASTER_BUS
	 *  do some calculations
	return something;

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