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Submitted by anonymous on Oct 06, 2016 at 06:14
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typedef struct Media
    char number[12];
    char date[10];
    char type;
    char name[40];
    char index[50];
    char province[16];
} Media;

typedef struct Case
    char number[12];
    char date[10];
    char province[16];
    char defendant[24];
    char level;
    char charge;
    float amount;
    int punishment;
} Case;

typedef struct Province
    char province[16];
    char head[24];
    char tel[15];
} Province;

typedef struct MediaPrototype
    Media content;
    struct MediaPrototype * next;
} MediaPrototype;

typedef struct CasePrototype
    Case content;
    struct CasePrototype * next;
    struct MediaPrototype * media_head;
} CasePrototype;

typedef struct ProvincePrototype
    Province content;
    struct ProvincePrototype * next;
    struct CasePrototype * case_head;
} ProvincePrototype;

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