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Submitted by zeliges on Nov 13, 2016 at 05:57
Language: Python 3. Code size: 725 Bytes.

import requests
import re
import urllib

keyword = input("keyword:")
key = urllib.parse.quote(keyword)
payload = {
    'callCount': '1',
    'scriptSessionId': '${scriptSessionId}190',
    'httpSessionId': 'f090ee8789f5413792d5b5eed4568e82',
    'c0-scriptName': 'OpenSearchBean',
    'c0-methodName': 'searchVideo',
    'c0-id': '0',
    'c0-param0': 'string:{0}'.format(key),
    'c0-param1': 'number:1',
    'c0-param2': 'number:100',
    'batchId': '1478666899720'
data ="", data=payload).text
reg = re.compile("*?\.html")
links = re.findall(reg, data)
for link in links:

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