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Submitted by test on Dec 02, 2016 at 10:05
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pbdata = NuPodDataLoader();
% Format conversion
% if no destination assigned, the results are delivered to the input location
datapath = fullfile(fileparts(which('NuPodDataLoader')), 'examples', 'testdata.pb');
pbdata.toMatFile(datapath, 'C:/')

pbdata.toCsvFile(datapath, 'C:/')
% convert to eeglab structure
EEG = pbdata.toEEGStruct(datapath);
% convert to eeglab structure and load into eeglab
EEG = pbdata.loadToEEGLAB(datapath);
% convert ALL the pb files in the sub-directory to eeglab structure
ALLEEG = pbdata.allToEEGStruct(fileparts(which('NuPodDataLoader')));

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