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 * Vertex Vector Class (string keys):  This vector is a vector of nodes, each 
 * identified by its key (a string), and containing a list of vertex nodes.  
 * This class is primarily used to hold the adjacency list.

#ifndef VVec_H_
#define VVec_H_

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <string>

struct Vertex{
	std::string	pathName; //include path name
	std::string	stuName; //just student name

struct Node{
        std::string			key; 	//stores key name
        std::vector<Vertex> 		vertices; //stores values

class VVec{



        //check if a vector holds a specific key and return the index of the
        //key if found, and a null value (-999) if not found
        int 	hasKey(std::string k);

        //check if the vector held by a node holds a specific value 
        int 	hasValue(std::string k, std::string v);

        //add key to the vector
        bool 	addKey(std::string k);

        //add value to a key's vector
        bool 	addValue(std::string k, std::string v, std::string v_short);

        //print keys held in vector, can be used for 'ls', and 'lc' commands
        void 	printKeys();

        //print values held in a node, can be used for 'taed' command
        void 	printValues(std::string k);

        //get size of vector
        int 	getSizeKeys();

        //get size of vector in a key;
        int 	getSizeValues(int k_index);

        //get name of key at an index;
        std::string getKeyName(int k_index);

        //get name of value in key's values list at specific index
        std::string getValueName(int k_index, int v_index);

        //get vertex
        Vertex	getVertex(int k_index, int v_index);


        std::vector<Node>	KeyVector;


#endif /* VVec_H_ */

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