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Submitted by anonymous on Feb 19, 2017 at 06:37
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<customUI xmlns="">
  <ribbon startFromScratch="true">
      <tab id="tabHome" label="Home">
        <group id="grpHome" label="Home">
          <button id="btn1" label="Botton"/>
    <button idMso="FileSave" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="SaveObjectAs" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileSaveAsCurrentFileFormat" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileOpen" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileCloseDatabase" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileExit" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabInfo" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabRecent" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabNew" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabPrint" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabShare" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabHelp" visible="false"/>

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