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Submitted by anonymous on Mar 06, 2017 at 04:46
Language: C. Code size: 6.3 kB.

   126: ?C_STARTUP:     LJMP    STARTUP1 
   128:                 RSEG    ?C_C51STARTUP 
   130: STARTUP1: 
   132: IF IDATALEN <> 0 
C:0x0000    02000E   LJMP     STARTUP1(C:000E)
C:0x0003    020800   LJMP     C:0800
C:0x0006    00       NOP      
C:0x0007    00       NOP      
C:0x0008    00       NOP      
C:0x0009    00       NOP      
C:0x000A    00       NOP      
C:0x000B    02009A   LJMP     Timer0Interrupt(C:009A)
   133:                 MOV     R0,#IDATALEN - 1 
C:0x000E    787F     MOV      R0,#0x7F
   134:                 CLR     A 
C:0x0010    E4       CLR      A
   135: IDATALOOP:      MOV     @R0,A 
C:0x0011    F6       MOV      @R0,A
   136:                 DJNZ    R0,IDATALOOP 
C:0x0012    D8FD     DJNZ     R0,IDATALOOP(C:0011)
   185:                 MOV     SP,#?STACK-1 
   187: ; This code is required if you use L51_BANK.A51 with Banking Mode 4 
   188: ;<h> Code Banking 
   189: ; <q> Select Bank 0 for L51_BANK.A51 Mode 4 
   190: #if 0    
   191: ;     <i> Initialize bank mechanism to code bank 0 when using L51_BANK.A51 with Banking Mode 4. 
   192: EXTRN CODE (?B_SWITCH0) 
   193:                 CALL    ?B_SWITCH0      ; init bank mechanism to code bank 0 
   194: #endif 
   195: ;</h> 
C:0x0014    758109   MOV      SP(0x81),#0x09
   196:                 LJMP    ?C_START 
C:0x0017    020055   LJMP     C:0055
C:0x001A    0200BA   LJMP     main(C:00BA)
C:0x001D    E4       CLR      A
C:0x001E    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x001F    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x0020    F8       MOV      R0,A
C:0x0021    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0022    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x0023    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x0024    4003     JC       C:0029
C:0x0026    F6       MOV      @R0,A
C:0x0027    8001     SJMP     C:002A
C:0x0029    F2       MOVX     @R0,A
C:0x002A    08       INC      R0
C:0x002B    DFF4     DJNZ     R7,C:0021
C:0x002D    8029     SJMP     C:0058
C:0x002F    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0030    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x0031    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x0032    F8       MOV      R0,A
C:0x0033    5407     ANL      A,#0x07
C:0x0035    240C     ADD      A,#0x0C
C:0x0037    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x0038    C3       CLR      C
C:0x0039    33       RLC      A
C:0x003A    C4       SWAP     A
C:0x003B    540F     ANL      A,#0x0F
C:0x003D    4420     ORL      A,#0x20
C:0x003F    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x0040    83       MOVC     A,@A+PC
C:0x0041    4004     JC       C:0047
C:0x0043    F4       CPL      A
C:0x0044    56       ANL      A,@R0
C:0x0045    8001     SJMP     C:0048
C:0x0047    46       ORL      A,@R0
C:0x0048    F6       MOV      @R0,A
C:0x0049    DFE4     DJNZ     R7,C:002F
C:0x004B    800B     SJMP     C:0058
C:0x004D    0102     AJMP     C:0002
C:0x004F    04       INC      A
C:0x0050    08       INC      R0
C:0x0051    102040   JBC      0x24.0,C:0094
C:0x0054    8090     SJMP     C:FFE6
C:0x0056    00       NOP      
C:0x0057    03       RR       A
C:0x0058    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0059    7E01     MOV      R6,#0x01
C:0x005B    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x005C    60BC     JZ       C:001A
C:0x005E    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x005F    FF       MOV      R7,A
C:0x0060    543F     ANL      A,#0x3F
C:0x0062    30E509   JNB      0xE0.5,C:006E
C:0x0065    541F     ANL      A,#0x1F
C:0x0067    FE       MOV      R6,A
C:0x0068    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0069    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x006A    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x006B    6001     JZ       C:006E
C:0x006D    0E       INC      R6
C:0x006E    CF       XCH      A,R7
C:0x006F    54C0     ANL      A,#0xC0
C:0x0071    25E0     ADD      A,ACC(0xE0)
C:0x0073    60A8     JZ       C:001D
C:0x0075    40B8     JC       C:002F
C:0x0077    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0078    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x0079    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x007A    FA       MOV      R2,A
C:0x007B    E4       CLR      A
C:0x007C    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x007D    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x007E    F8       MOV      R0,A
C:0x007F    E4       CLR      A
C:0x0080    93       MOVC     A,@A+DPTR
C:0x0081    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x0082    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x0083    C582     XCH      A,DPL(0x82)
C:0x0085    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x0086    CA       XCH      A,R2
C:0x0087    C583     XCH      A,DPH(0x83)
C:0x0089    CA       XCH      A,R2
C:0x008A    F0       MOVX     @DPTR,A
C:0x008B    A3       INC      DPTR
C:0x008C    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x008D    C582     XCH      A,DPL(0x82)
C:0x008F    C8       XCH      A,R0
C:0x0090    CA       XCH      A,R2
C:0x0091    C583     XCH      A,DPH(0x83)
C:0x0093    CA       XCH      A,R2
C:0x0094    DFE9     DJNZ     R7,C:007F
C:0x0096    DEE7     DJNZ     R6,C:007F
C:0x0098    80BE     SJMP     C:0058
    19: void Timer0Interrupt() interrupt 1  
    20: {      
C:0x009A    C0E0     PUSH     ACC(0xE0)
    21: TH0 = 0x3C;        
C:0x009C    758C3C   MOV      TH0(0x8C),#0x3C
    22: TL0 = 0x0B0;   
C:0x009F    758AB0   MOV      TL0(0x8A),#P3(0xB0)
    24: count++;         
C:0x00A2    0509     INC      0x09
C:0x00A4    E509     MOV      A,0x09
C:0x00A6    7002     JNZ      C:00AA
C:0x00A8    0508     INC      count(0x08)
    25: if(count==10){        
C:0x00AA    640A     XRL      A,#0x0A
C:0x00AC    4508     ORL      A,count(0x08)
C:0x00AE    7007     JNZ      C:00B7
    26: P2=~P2;            
C:0x00B0    63A0FF   XRL      PPAGE_SFR(0xA0),#0xFF
    27: count=0;          
C:0x00B3    F508     MOV      count(0x08),A
C:0x00B5    F509     MOV      0x09,A
    28: } 
C:0x00B7    D0E0     POP      ACC(0xE0)
C:0x00B9    32       RETI     
     7: void main(void)  
     8: {          
     9: TMOD = 0x01;       
C:0x00BA    758901   MOV      TMOD(0x89),#0x01
    10: TH0 = 0x3C;   
C:0x00BD    758C3C   MOV      TH0(0x8C),#0x3C
    11: TL0 = 0x0B0;      
C:0x00C0    758AB0   MOV      TL0(0x8A),#P3(0xB0)
    12: EA = 1;           
C:0x00C3    D2AF     SETB     EA(0xA8.7)
    13: ET0 = 1;      
C:0x00C5    D2A9     SETB     ET0(0xA8.1)
    14: TR0 = 1;     
C:0x00C7    D28C     SETB     TR0(0x88.4)
    15: while(1){        
C:0x00C9    80FE     SJMP     C:00C9

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