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Submitted by jboss on Apr 08, 2017 at 05:58
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unzip  &&  mv jboss-as-7.1.0.Final  /qzdata1/server/
cd /qzdata1/server/jboss-as-7.1.0.Final/bin/init.d/
mkdir /etc/jboss-as && cp jboss-as.conf /etc/jboss-as/jboss-as.conf 
echo “JBOSS_USER=root” >> /etc/jboss-as/jboss-as.conf
cp /etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone 
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone
chkconfig --add jboss-as-standalone  &&  chkconfig jboss-as-standalone on

/etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone start 
/etc/init.d/jboss-as-standalone stop 

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