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package main

import "fmt"

type Experience map[string]interface{}
type Project map[string]interface{}
type Authors []string
type Skills []string

type PauloBenatto struct {
	me          string
	contact     map[string]string
	experiences []Experience
	projects    []Project

func (pb *PauloBenatto) About() { = "Hello,\n" +
		"I'm a Brazilian coder working as Linux System Administrator and\n" +
		"passionate about GoLang. I'm also interested in software development\n" +
		"envolving languages such as C, Lua, Python and JavaScript. I am an  \n" +
		"eternal learner, with can-do attitude that enjoy sharing knowledge."

func (pb *PauloBenatto) MyExperience() {

	pb.experiences = make([]Experience, 0)

	brandwatch := Experience{
		"Company":      "Brandwatch",
		"Role":         "Linux System Administrator",
		"Activities":   "Keep everything running.",
		"Technologies": Skills{"Linux", "git", "bacula", "ansible", "automation"},

	dba := Experience{
		"Company": "DBA",
		"Role":    "Software Engineer Freelance",
		"Activities": `Develop a system, in C language, to analyse vehicle traffic
		                on Brazilian highways.`,
		"Technologies": Skills{"Linux", "C/C++", "git", "python", "Raspberry PI"},

	secplus := Experience{
		"Company": "SEC+",
		"Role":    "Software Engineer",
		"Activities": `Backend development of web system for intelligent
                        monitoring and management of natural disasters using
                        Python and the Django framework.`,
		"Technologies": Skills{"Linux", "C/C++", "git", "python", "javascript"},

	digitro := Experience{
		"Company": "Digitro",
		"Role":    "Software Engineer",
		"Activities": `I was part of a team responsible to develop VoIP
                        products such as softphone, PBX and IP phone.`,
		"Technologies": Skills{"Linux", "C/C++", "Python", "SIP", "Wireshark"},
	pb.experiences = append(pb.experiences, brandwatch, dba, secplus, digitro)

func (pb *PauloBenatto) Contact() { = map[string]string{
		"phone":    "07424600850",
		"address":  "Sudeley Place 14, Brighton, UK",
		"email":    "",
		"github":   "",
		"blog":     "",
		"linkedin": "",

func (pb *PauloBenatto) OpenSource() {

	pb.projects = make([]Project, 0)

	libmalelf := Project{
		"description": `The libmalelf is an evil library that SHOULD be
            used for good! It was developed with the intent to assist in
            the process of infecting binaries and provide a safe way to
            analyze malwares.`,
		"authors": Authors{"Tiago Natel de Moura", "Paulo Leonardo Benatto"},
		"site":    "",

	libpenetra := Project{
		"description": `The libpenetra was created with the goal of
		    studying the windows binary format known as Portable
		    Executable (PE).`,
		"authors": Authors{"Tiago Natel de Moura", "Paulo Leonardo Benatto"},
		"site":    "",

	pb.projects = append(pb.projects, libmalelf, libpenetra)

func (pb PauloBenatto) String() {


	for key, value := range {
		fmt.Println(key, "   \t:", value)

	for _, exp := range pb.experiences {
		for key, value := range exp {
			fmt.Println(key, "\t:", value)

	for _, proj := range pb.projects {
		for key, value := range proj {
			fmt.Println(key, "\t:", value)

func main() {
	pb := &PauloBenatto{}

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