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Submitted by anonymous on Jun 22, 2017 at 03:01
Language: Python. Code size: 588 Bytes.

/* Check if the result of an execve() during routine fuzzing is interesting,
   save or queue the input test case for further analysis if so. Returns 1 if
   entry is saved, 0 otherwise. */

static u8 save_if_interesting(char** argv, void* mem, u32 len, u8 fault) {

  u8  *fn = "";
  u8  hnb;
  s32 fd;
  u8  keeping = 0, res;

  if (fault == crash_mode) {

    /* Keep only if there are new bits in the map, add to queue for
       future fuzzing, etc. */

    if (!(hnb = has_new_bits(virgin_bits))) {
      if (crash_mode) total_crashes++;
      return 0;

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