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//  indexManager.h
//  bplustree
//  Created by Ellie Maxinyin on 2017/6/20.
//  Copyright © 2017年 horseee. All rights reserved.

#ifndef indexManager_h
#define indexManager_h

typedef struct indexinfo IndexChangeInfo;
struct indexinfo{
    string name;
    int root_number;
    int node_number;

class IndexManager{
    bool createIndex(string IndexName, int type);
    bool dropIndex(string IndexName);
    bool InsertIntoIndex(string IndexName, string InsertKey, int offsetnumber);
    bool DeleteInIndex(string IndexName, string key);
    vector<int> searchIndex(string IndexName, string key, int ConditionType);
    bool InitializeTree(vector<Index> TreeInfo);
    vector<IndexChangeInfo*> WriteBackTreeInfo();
    bool insertTree(string IndexName, int type, int root, int count);
    map<string, int> IndexType;
    map<string, BPlusTree<int>*> IntMap;
    map<string, BPlusTree<float>*>  FloatMap;
    map<string, BPlusTree<string>*> StringMap;
    BufMan bm;

#endif /* indexManager_h */

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