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Submitted by anonymous on Aug 04, 2017 at 03:58
Language: C. Code size: 465 Bytes.

rt_size_t stm32_rb_lock_in(struct rt_serial_device *serial,
					 struct rt_ringbuffer 	 *rb,
					 const rt_uint8_t 		 *ptr, 
					 rt_uint16_t 			 length)
    rt_uint16_t size;
    struct stm32_uart* uart;
	uart = (struct stm32_uart *)serial->parent.user_data;
	USART_ITConfig(uart->uart_device, USART_IT_TXE, DISABLE);
	size = rt_ringbuffer_put(rb,ptr,length);

	USART_ITConfig(uart->uart_device, USART_IT_TXE, ENABLE);
	return size;

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