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# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# Template project:
# Docs:
image: ruby:2.3 #Specifies the docker image

variables: # sets environment variables for the docker build
  JEKYLL_ENV: production

before_script: # stuff that happens before running the CI pipeline
- bundle install # installs the dependencies specified in Gemfile

test: # The test stage
  stage: test
  - bundle exec jekyll build -d test # the script run to run the test.
  artifacts: # files created during this stage
    - test
  except: # <ins>doesn't run on the master branch</ins> 
  - master 

pages: # Required for all Gitlab Pages sites
  stage: deploy # The deploy stage
  - bundle exec jekyll build -d public 
    - public # public directory hosts the built site
  - master # pages only built on the master branch

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