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Submitted by anonymous on Sep 29, 2017 at 08:56
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bool CQuantyView3DView::IsinElip(XYZ A,struct_CombineSample B,double a,double b,double c)
	//A : 椭球体参数
	//B : 样本参数
	//a : 椭球体长轴参数
	//b : 椭球体短轴参数
	//p :椭球体垂轴参数
	double Modle_z=B.m_z-(B.m_TKACCF+B.m_TKACCG)/2; 
	if((A.x-B.m_x)*(A.x-B.m_x)/(a*a)+(A.y-B.m_y)*(A.y-B.m_y)/(b*b)+(A.z-Modle_z)*(A.z-Modle_z)/(c*c)<=1)return true;
	return false;

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