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Submitted by anonymous on Oct 16, 2017 at 13:32
Language: CSS. Code size: 672 Bytes.

      div {  
         border: solid 1px black;  
         width: 80px;  
         height: 80px;  
      #test1 {  
            border-radius: 40px 40px;  
            background:radial-gradient(at 30%,white ,blue 85%);  
      #test2 {  
            border-radius: 40px 40px;  
            background:linear-gradient(to right,white 0% ,blue 50%);  
      #test3 {  
         border-radius: 40px 40px;  
         background-color: hsla(340,100%,50%,1);  
         box-shadow:15px 15px 60px #909090,inset -15px -15px 50px #810531;  

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