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Submitted by anonymous on Oct 26, 2017 at 13:56
Language: nesC. Code size: 437 Bytes.

configuration MyAppC{
	components MyAppM as App;
	components MainC;			 //MainC组件
	App.Boot -> MainC.Boot;        //boot接口绑定到MainC组件的Boot接口
	components LedsC;				 //LED组件
	App.Leds -> LedsC.Leds;        //Leds接口绑定到LedsC组件的Leds接口
	components new TimerMilliC() as Timer1;  //定时器组件
	App.Timer1 -> Timer1;		    //Timer接口绑定到TimerMilliC组件的Timer接口
	components McuSleepTimerC;

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