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Submitted by anonymous on Nov 10, 2017 at 04:12
Language: C++. Code size: 1.5 kB.

CC = gcc
CXX = g++
CFLAGS = -g -Wall -D__LINUX__

further_recog: further_recog.o imgproc.o ParseRes.o
	g++ ${CFLAGS} -o further_recog further_recog.o imgproc.o ParseRes.o \
		-lpthread -lcurl -L/opt/libjpeg-turbo/lib64 -lturbojpeg -lmysqlclient \
		-L../dep/further_deps/thplate -lthplateid -L/usr/local/ffmpeg-3.4/lib -lavformat -lavutil -lswscale\
		-Wl,-unresolved-symbols=ignore-in-shared-libs -L../dep/further_deps/sdk_export/lib/linux -lexport_sdk \
		-L../dep/json/include -lcjson \
		-lini -luv

ParseRes.o: ../src/ParseRes.cpp ../src/ParseRes.h
	g++ ${CFLAGS} \
		-I../dep/seemo/include \
		-I../dep/json/include \
		-I/usr/local/ffmpeg-3.4/include \
		-c ../src/ParseRes.cpp
imgproc.o: ../src/imgproc.cpp ../src/imgproc.h
	g++ ${CFLAGS} -c ../src/imgproc.cpp

further_recog.o: ../src/further_recog.cpp ../src/imgproc.h ../src/ParseRes.h
	g++ ${CFLAGS} -c -pthread -I../dep/libcurl/include -I../dep/libjpeg-turbo64/include \
	-I../dep/wintone \
	-I../dep/seemo/include \
	-I../dep/json/include \
	-I/usr/local/ffmpeg-3.4/include \
further_lastrec: further_lastrec.o
	g++ ${CFLAGS} -o further_lastrec further_lastrec.o \
		-lpthread -lmysqlclient \

further_lastrec.o: ../src/further_lastrec.cpp ../src/common.h
	g++ ${CFLAGS} \
		-I../dep/rapidjson/include \
		-I/usr/local/ffmpeg-3.4/include \
		-c ../src/further_lastrec.cpp
all: further_recog further_lastrec
	rm -rf *.o further_recog further_lastrec

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