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<meta charset="utf-8">
include '7_1.php';
include '7_2.php';
include '7_3.php';
include '7_4.php';
include '7_5.php';

echo "三个数求最大最小: ";
echo "数组排序:".sortArray(array(23,45,23,23,56,7,8,2,221,45,1));
echo "转换open_door, make_by_id, i_am_the_flash <br>";
$r1 = trans2("open_door");
$r2 = trans2("make_by_id");
$r3 = trans2("i_am_the_flash");
echo "转换后:$r1, $r2, $r3 <br>";
echo "检验ip地址(符合0.0.0.0~<br>";
$c1 = ipCheck("");
$c2 = ipCheck("333.28.89.9");
$rc1 = $c1==1?"符合":"不符合";
echo "".$rc1."<br>";
$rc2 = $c2==1?"符合":"不符合";
echo "333.28.89.9".$rc2."<br>";
echo "$c1 $c2";

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