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Submitted by anonymous on Nov 12, 2017 at 14:40
Language: C++. Code size: 587 Bytes.

struct GlobalOctreeNode
	GlobalOctreeNode(const AxisAlignedBoundingBox& space, int deepth = 1);
	void Init(const AxisAlignedBoundingBox& space, int deepth = 1);
	void InsertObject(const GlobalOctreeData& data);
	void Run();
	void SetObjectRenderState(bool state);
	void UpdateObjectData(const GlobalOctreeData& data);
	void UpdateObjectRenderState(const GlobalOctreeData& data);
	void Release();

	ForwardList<GlobalOctreeData> m_Content;
	AxisAlignedBoundingBox m_Space;
	GlobalOctreeNode* m_ChildrenNode[8];
	bool m_IfLeafNode;
	int m_Deepth;

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