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Submitted by anonymous on Dec 06, 2017 at 06:17
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struct proc_dir_entry{
	unsigned int low_ino;
	unsigned short namelen;
	const char *name;
	mode_t mode; nlink_t nlink;
	uid_t uid;g id_t gid; loff_t size;
	struct inode_operations *proc_iops;
	const struct file_operatiions *proc_fops;
	//file_operations 结构,存放了proc目录读写操作函数
	get_info_t *get_info;
	struct module *owner;
	struct proc_dir_entry *next, *parent, *subdir;
	void *data;
	read_proc_t *read_proc;
	write_proc_t *write_proc;
	/*read_proc 和write_proc两个函数提供了对proc 文件进行读写的
	atomic_t count;
	int deleted;
	void *set;

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