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//- Install Node.js at
//- The use the Node Package Manager to install Jade by typing
//- npm install jade -g in the terminal or command prompt

//- Compile Jade code by typing jade jadetut.jade in the terminal

//- We can also compile to JS with
//- jade --client --no-debug jadetut.jade
//- h1 Hello Jade

//- There are many doctypes available

//- The default doctype

//- Xml documents
//- doctype xml

//- Contains presentational or deprecated elements
//- doctype transitional

//- Doesn't include presentational or deprecated elements
//- doctype strict

//- Like transitional with frameset content
//- doctype frameset

//- For devices like PDAs, pagers, settop boxes
//- doctype basic

//- XHTML documents specifically aimed at mobile devices
//- doctype mobile

//- Define the html tag

  //- You can include other Jade files
  include ./head.jade

  //- Define the body

    // Single or block comment
      that shows in HTML

    //- Jade uses indentation rather then tags to define elements
    //- Each level of indents creates a new block that creates a
    //- child element in the element above

    //- This generates a div with 2 paragraphs in it
    //- You can either put the text in the element after the tag
    //- You can can define a text block with a | (pipe) and
    //- mix in other HTML elements like br
    //- Or, you can use a . if you just have a block of text to
    //- display
    //- Inline HTML tags can be used any place as well

      p First paragraph
        | Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam eget ipsum velit. Nulla finibus enim sit amet nisi congue sagittis.
        | Cras sem diam, aliquam et bibendum quis, volutpat at eros. Quisque gravida erat quis mauris cursus, sed iaculis lacus laoreet.
        Nulla fringilla, nibh sed placerat posuere, metus urna lacinia sapien, in <i>consectetur justo</i> ex sit amet enim. Aenean gravida mauris quis risus tempor tempor. Vivamus malesuada maximus leo, vel aliquam erat mattis lacinia. Nunc sagittis ante at condimentum euismod.

    //- Attributes are defined in parentheses and are separated
    //- with commas
    class="lorem_ipsum very_import").
      Sed tristique ipsum in pellentesque commodo. Pellentesque mi nibh, dictum non luctus et, porta non nibh. Nulla a mollis quam, sit amet feugiat urna. Phasellus enim nisi, dignissim sit amet mattis a, vestibulum in massa.

    //- Divs are defined by default if you don't provide a tag
    //- as long as you are defining a class or id
    //- You can also define ids (#) and classes (.) with shorthand
    //- notation
      Duis nec nisl risus. Ut eleifend purus vitae orci elementum, eget ultricies sem iaculis. Suspendisse id rutrum odio. Pellentesque a ante in tortor euismod dictum ac sit amet magna. Nulla sed velit tristique, lobortis erat vitae, bibendum sapien. Aenean ac volutpat nibh. Integer et volutpat est.

    //- If you are creating lists you can do this
        a(href='#') Barry Bonds
        a(href='#') Hank Aaron
        a(href='#') Babe Ruth

    //- Or, you can put them on the same line with a colon
      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") Batman
      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") Superman
      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") The Flash

    //- ---------- INTERPOLATION ----------

    //- You can execute JavaScript in a template by putting
    //- a dash and space in front of it

    - myName = "Derek";

    //- You can place variables in the HTML with interpolation
    //- Everything between #{} is used like code

    p Hello #{myName}

    //- So we can execute JavaScript any place

    p 1234 * 5678 = #{1234 * 5678}

    //- The code can be run in attributes

    - website = ""

    a(href="#{website}") New Think Tank

    - heroes = ['Wonder Woman', 'Super Girl', 'Bat Girl']

      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") #{heroes[0]}
      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") #{heroes[1]}
      li#hero_list_item: a(href="#") #{heroes[2]}

    //- You can shorten tag names, but this normally isn't good

    - bq = "blockquote"
    #{bq} A Bad Idea

    //- You can also use = when a block contains only the variable
    //- value

    - batmanData = "Batman is a superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and published by DC Comics. The character made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939). Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne."

    p= batmanData

    //- You can do the same with attribute values stored in an
    //- object

    - fnI = {"type": "text", "name": "fName"}

    span First Name

    //- Tags are encoded for security reasons

    - someInfo = "<i>Very Interesting</i>"

    p= someInfo

    //- To turn off encoding use !=

    p!= someInfo

    //- Or

    p !{someInfo}

    //- ---------- LOGIC OPERATORS ----------

    //- You can provide different output based on if
    //- conditions

    - date = new Date()
    - hour = date.getHours()

    - if ((hour >= 6) && (hour <= 17)){
      h3 Day Time
    - } else {
      h3 Night Time
    - }

    //- This can also be written using indentation

    - age = 18

    if ((age >= 16) && (age < 18))
      h3 You can drive
    else if age >= 18
      h3 You can drive and vote
      h3 You can wait till you're 16

    //- unless comes out negative if the condition is true

    unless age >= 16
      h3 You'll drive at 16
      h3 You can drive

    //- You can also use the ternary operator

    - dayTime = (((hour >= 6) && (hour <= 17)) ? 'Day Time' : 'Night Time')

    h3 #{dayTime}

    //- Case works like Switch

    - name = "Sue"

    case name
      when "Sally"
        h3 Hi Sally
      when "Sue"
        h3 Hi Sue
        h3 Hi You

    //- You can also run JS with script

      console.log('Hello Jade!')

    //- ---------- LOOPING ----------
    //- You can use for loops to cycle through data

    - qbs = ['Palmer', 'Brees', 'Rivers', 'Brady']

      - for(i = 0; i < qbs.length; i++){
          li= qbs[i]
      - }

    //- Each is used to iterate over arrays and objects

      each qb in qbs
        li= qb

    //- While loops iterate as long as the condition is true

    - i = 0

      while i < 20
        li= i
        - i++;

    //- ---------- MIXINS ----------

    //- Mixins are reusable pieces of code that are basically
    //- JS functions

    mixin nflPlayer(name, pos, team)
      li #{name} is the #{pos} for the #{team}

      +nflPlayer("Tom Brady", "Quarterback", "Patriots")
      +nflPlayer("Payton Manning", "Quarterback", "Broncos")

    //- Mixins don't have to receive parameters and can
    //- just provide output like the copyright symbol

    mixin copyr
      | &#169;

      |  2016

    //- You can receive a variable number of arguments
    //- by turning the arguments object into an array

    mixin makeList()
        - args =;
        for item in args
          li= item

    +makeList("Dog", "Cat", "Fish")

    //- ---------- EXTEND ----------

    //- extend allows us to replace blocks in a template

    extends extendex
    block header
      h3 The Title
    block content
        | Nulla fringilla, nibh sed placerat posuere, metus urna lacinia sapien, in consectetur justo ex sit amet enim. Aenean gravida mauris quis risus tempor tempor. Vivamus malesuada maximus leo, vel aliquam erat mattis lacinia. Nunc sagittis ante at condimentum euismod.

    //- We can append to what is there

    block append content2
        | Appended data

    //- We can prepend to what is there

    block prepend content3
        | I come first

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