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Language: C++. Code size: 2.6 kB.

class gps_info
        double     gps_time;

        int32_t    week;

        double     lat;

        double     lon;

        double     height;

        double     lateral_speed;

        double     longitudinal_speed;

        double     down_speed;

        double     roll;

        double     pitch;

        double     heading;

        double     lateral_accelerate;

        double     longitudinal_accelerate;

        double     down_accelerate;

        double     roll_speed;

        double     pitch_speed;

        double     heading_speed;

        int32_t    flag;

        int32_t    n;

         * Encode a message into binary form.
         * @param buf The output buffer.
         * @param offset Encoding starts at thie byte offset into @p buf.
         * @param maxlen Maximum number of bytes to write.  This should generally be
         *  equal to getEncodedSize().
         * @return The number of bytes encoded, or <0 on error.
        inline int encode(void *buf, int offset, int maxlen) const;

         * Check how many bytes are required to encode this message.
        inline int getEncodedSize() const;

         * Decode a message from binary form into this instance.
         * @param buf The buffer containing the encoded message.
         * @param offset The byte offset into @p buf where the encoded message starts.
         * @param maxlen The maximum number of bytes to reqad while decoding.
         * @return The number of bytes decoded, or <0 if an error occured.
        inline int decode(const void *buf, int offset, int maxlen);

         * Retrieve the 64-bit fingerprint identifying the structure of the message.
         * Note that the fingerprint is the same for all instances of the same
         * message type, and is a fingerprint on the message type definition, not on
         * the message contents.
        inline static int64_t getHash();

         * Returns "gps_info"
        inline static const char* getTypeName();

        // LCM support functions. Users should not call these
        inline int _encodeNoHash(void *buf, int offset, int maxlen) const;
        inline int _getEncodedSizeNoHash() const;
        inline int _decodeNoHash(const void *buf, int offset, int maxlen);
        inline static uint64_t _computeHash(const __lcm_hash_ptr *p);

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