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Submitted by anonymous on Dec 16, 2017 at 15:18
Language: NASM. Code size: 1.1 kB.

data segment
io8255a equ 28ah
io8255b equ 28bh
io8255c equ 288h
led	db 3fh,06h,5bh,4fh,66h,6dh,7dh,07h,7fh,6fh;¶ÎÂë
buffer1 db 0,0
bz	dw ?
data ends
code segment
assume cs:code,ds:data
	start:mov ax,data
	 	mov  ds,ax
		mov dx,io8255b	
		mov al,80h
		out dx,al
		mov di,offset buffer1
	loop1:  mov cx,030h
	loop2:  mov bh,02
	s111: 	mov byte ptr bz,bh
		push di
		dec di
		add di,bz
		mov bl,[di]
		pop di
		mov bh,0
		mov si,offset led
		add si,bx
		mov al,byte ptr [si]
		mov dx,io8255c
		out dx,al
		mov al,byte ptr bz
		mov dx,io8255a
		out dx,al
		push cx
		mov cx,100
	delay:  loop delay
		pop cx
		mov al,00h
		out dx,al
		mov bh,byte ptr bz
		shr bh,1
		jnz s111
		loop loop2
		mov ax,word ptr [di]
		cmp ah,09
		jnz set
		cmp al,09
		jnz set
		mov ax,0000
		mov [di],al
		mov [di+1],ah
		jmp loop1
	set:    mov ah,01
		int 16h
 		jne exit
		mov ax,word ptr [di]
		inc al
		mov [di],al
		mov [di+1],ah
		jmp loop1
	exit:  	mov dx,io8255a
		mov al,0
		out dx,al
		mov ah,4ch
		int 21h
code ends
	end start

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