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Submitted by anonymous on Dec 16, 2017 at 17:34
Language: C++. Code size: 1.7 kB.

.text:0040D4FA                 push    offset aEnterTheData_1 ; "enter the data for node3:\n"
.text:0040D4FF                 call    _printf
.text:0040D504                 add     esp, 4
.text:0040D507                 lea     ecx, [ebp+var_24]
.text:0040D50A                 push    ecx
.text:0040D50B                 push    offset aD       ; "%d"
.text:0040D510                 call    _scanf
.text:0040D515                 add     esp, 8
.text:0040D518                 push    0Ch             ; size_t
.text:0040D51A                 call    _malloc
.text:0040D51F                 add     esp, 4
.text:0040D522                 mov     [ebp+var_20], eax
.text:0040D525                 mov     edx, [ebp+var_20]
.text:0040D528                 mov     al, [ebp+var_24]
.text:0040D52B                 mov     [edx], al
.text:0040D52D                 mov     ecx, [ebp+var_20]
.text:0040D530                 mov     edx, [ebp+var_1C]
.text:0040D533                 mov     eax, [edx+8]
.text:0040D536                 mov     [ecx+4], eax
.text:0040D539                 mov     ecx, [ebp+var_20]
.text:0040D53C                 mov     dword ptr [ecx+8], 0
.text:0040D543                 mov     edx, [ebp+var_1C]
.text:0040D546                 mov     eax, [edx+8]
.text:0040D549                 mov     ecx, [ebp+var_20]
.text:0040D54C                 mov     [eax+8], ecx
.text:0040D54F                 push    offset aViewTheListInM ; "view the list in memory\n"
.text:0040D554                 call    _printf
.text:0040D559                 add     esp, 4
.text:0040D55C                 push    offset aEnd     ; "end\n"
.text:0040D561                 call    _printf
.text:0040D566                 add     esp, 4

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