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vault authorization


Submitted by anonymous on Jan 25, 2018 at 09:55
Language: Bash Session. Code size: 722 Bytes.

michal@michal-ploski-2:~/sdwan-infra-bootstrap/beast/provision/lookup_plugins$ vault auth -method=ldap username=michal.ploski
Password (will be hidden): 
Successfully authenticated! You are now logged in.
The token below is already saved in the session. You do not
need to "vault auth" again with the token.
token: e8feb4cb-dbdb-5331-f0ef-7f89b47d1ac9
token_duration: 7189
token_policies: [cobbler-read default esi-read esi-write gztp-read gztp-write infrastructure-read infrastructure-write ntta-read ntta-write ntti3-read ntti3-write nttpc-read nttpc-write nttwest-japan-read nttwest-japan-write repomirror-esi-read repomirror-ntta-read repomirror-ntti3-read repomirror-nttpc-read repomirror-nttwest-japan-read]

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