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Submitted by anonymous on Mar 03, 2018 at 06:55
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#use numpy to build a numpy array which include from 1 to 60
x_init = np.arange(1,61,1)

#use np.reshape() to make the 1D array become 4x3x5 3D numpy array
x = np.array(x_init).reshape(4,3,5)

#covert the numpy array to tensor by using tf.convert_to_tensor()
tensor_x = tf.convert_to_tensor(x,preferred_dtype=tf.float32)

#use tf.reshape() to reshape Previous tensor to 10x6 tensor
X = tf.reshape(tensor_x, ([10,6]))

#define sess to run
sess = tf.InteractiveSession()

#print out the result(there are two ways to print out x

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