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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 02, 2018 at 22:27
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namespace ProjCaixaEletronico{
    class Conta{
        private int num=1;
        private double sal=3000;
        public int Num{get{return this.num;}set{this.num=value;}}//Numero
        public Cliente Tit{get;set;}//Titular
        public double Sal{get{return this.sal;} protected set{this.sal=value;}}//Saldo

        /*public void valor_saque(double valor_conta){
        /*public void mt_sacar(double x){
            double y=0;
            //return y;}*/
        /*public double mt_depo(double x)
            double y = 0;
            y = this.sal+x;
            return y;}*/

      /*public Conta(double Sal){

        public void mt_sacar(double x){
            //double y=0;
            this.sal-= x;
            //return y;

        public void mt_depo(double x){
            //double y = 0;
            this.sal += x;
            //return y;


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