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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 03, 2018 at 13:28
Language: C. Code size: 1.8 kB.

typedef struct
    uint8_t Logic_Page_Num;     // Decide by frame number, this is, decide by realt time.
    uint8_t Physical_Page_Num;  // Decide by link node size, control which flash address will be written.
    uint8_t Frame_Number;       // 1 ~ 50   current frame index
    uint8_t Sample_Count;       /*Valid special Frame numbers of one page*/
    uint8_t Status_Count;       /*Valid Frame numbers of one page*/
    uint16_t Alg_Buffer_Bytes;  /*one Page bytes,which include PAGE HEADER*/
    uint16_t weight;	  
    uint16_t height;     
    uint8_t age;		   
    uint8_t sex;          
    uint8_t rtc_sync_flag;  /*Indicate rtc sync or not*/

    /*To save date & time when power down*/
    RTC_TIME_T date;
    uint32_t utc_time;

    /*TO save motion info when power down*/
    MOTION_TOTAL_T motion_total_info;
    uint8_t bt_system_flag;
    uint8_t bt_bind_os;
    uint8_t bt_bind_id[6];
    uint8_t g_decrypt_key[32];
	//long time sit check flag
    uint8_t long_time_sit_check_flag;

    //save single motion information
    single_motion_save_info_t single_motion_save_info;

    //motion frame update information
    motion_frame_update_to_app_t motion_frame_update_info;

    //last motion information statistic
    Motion_info_t last_motion_information;

    uint8_t baterry_level;
    uint8_t ble_unpair_flag;
    uint32_t dead_timestamps;
    uint8_t system_halt_flag;
    uint16_t dead_zone;
     /*To save  alarm info when power down*/
    SET_EVENT_ALARM_T event_alarm_save[5];
    SET_SMART_ALARM_T smart_alarm_save;
    uint32_t  goal_step_before_restart;
    uint8_t bond_addr[2];
    uint8_t Reserved_flash_variable[185];
}__attribute__ ((packed))FLASH_SAVE_VARIABLE_T;

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