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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 20, 2018 at 14:19
Language: C. Code size: 372 Bytes.

for(rx=0,pttx=tx; rx<nrx; rx++) {
	for(cx=0, ptsigma=sigma, result[rx]=0; cx<ncx; cx++, pttx++, ptsigma+=ncx) {
		result[rx]+=*pttx* ptsigma[cx]*(*pttx);
	for(aux=0, i=0, pttxi=pttx-ncx, ptsigma=sigma; i<ncx; i++, pttxi++, ptsigma+=ncx) {
		for(j=i+1, pttxj=pttxi+1; j<ncx; j++, pttxj++) {
			aux+=*pttxi* ptsigma[j]*(*pttxj);
	result[rx]+= 2*aux;

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