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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 26, 2018 at 10:26
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typedef struct IMAGE_DOS_HEADER{  
      WORD e_magic;         //DOS头的标识,为4Dh和5Ah。分别为字母MZ  
      WORD e_cblp;  
      WORD e_cp;  
      WORD e_crlc;  
      WORD e_cparhdr;  
      WORD e_minalloc;  
      WORD e_maxalloc;  
      WORD e_ss;  
      WORD e_sp;  
      WORD e_csum;  
      WORD e_ip;  
      WORD e_cs;  
      WORD e_lfarlc;  
      WORD e_ovno;  
      WORD e_res[4];  
      WORD e_oemid;  
      WORD e_oeminfo;  
      WORD e_res2[10];  
      DWORD e_lfanew;             //指向IMAGE_NT_HEADERS的所在  

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