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Submitted by anonymous on Apr 30, 2018 at 11:03
Language: Python 3. Code size: 1.8 kB.

def checkAndFind(taci, operation=None):
	opcode = taci.getAttribute("opcode")
	inst = {}
	if operation == "LABEL" and opcode != "LABEL":
		return inst,  opcode
	if opcode not in semantics.keys():
		error(5,opcode + " is unknown")
	l_occur = []
	# operand = {}  # {kind: "variable" | "literal", type: "int" | "string", data: __}
	for child in taci.childNodes:
		if child.nodeName not in semantics[opcode] or child.nodeName != "#text":
			error(5,child.nodeName + "is not in the semantics")
		if child.nodeName in l_occur:
			error(5,child.nodeName + " appears 2 times")
		elif child.nodeName != "#text":
			if child.childNodes[0].data == "":
				error(5,"The data of the node is empty")
			operand = {"kind":"variable", "type":"string", "data":child.childNodes[0].data}
			# check if the attribute are correctly set
			if not all([e in ["kind", "type"] for e in child.attributes.keys()]):
				error(5, "Error with a attribute")
				if child.hasAttribute("kind"):
					if child.getAttribute("kind") in ["variable", "literal"]:
						operand["kind"] = child.getAttribute("kind")
						if child.getAttribute("kind") == "literal":
							operand["type"] = "int"
						error(5,child.getAttribute("kind") + " is unknown attribute for kind")
				if child.hasAttribute("type"):
					if child.getAttribute("type") in ["int", "string"]:
						operand["type"] = child.getAttribute("type")
						error(5, child.hasAttribute("type") + " is unknown attribute for type ")
			# data coherent with his type
			if operand["type"] == "int":
					operand["data"] = int(operand["data"])
				except ValueError:
					error(5, "The data is not a int")
			inst[child.nodeName] = operand
	return inst, opcode

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