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Submitted by anonymous on May 27, 2018 at 15:37
Language: Python 3. Code size: 1.6 kB.

class PyFlakesResult(HiddenResult):

    def __init__(self, origin, deadScopes, pyflakes_messages):

        Result.__init__(self, origin, message='')

        self.module_scope = self.get_scopes(ModuleScope, deadScopes)[0]
        self.class_scopes = self.get_scopes(ClassScope, deadScopes)
        self.function_scopes = self.get_scopes(FunctionScope, deadScopes)
        self.generator_scopes = self.get_scopes(GeneratorScope, deadScopes)
        self.doctest_scopes = self.get_scopes(DoctestScope, deadScopes)
        self.pyflakes_messages = pyflakes_messages

    def get_scopes(self, scope_type, scopes):
        return list(filter(lambda scope: isinstance(scope, scope_type),

    def get_nodes(self, scope, node_type):
        for _, node in scope.items():
            if isinstance(node, node_type):
                yield node

class PyFlakesASTBear(LocalBear):
    AUTHORS = {'The coala developers'}
    LICENSE = 'AGPL-3.0'

    def run(self, filename, file):
        Generates pyflakes-enhance-AST for the input file and returns
        deadScopes as HiddenResult
            One HiddenResult containing a dictionary with keys being
            type of scope and values being a list of scopes generated
            from the file.
        tree = ast.parse(''.join(file))
        result = Checker(tree, filename=filename, withDoctest=True)

        yield PyFlakesResult(self, result.deadScopes, result.messages)

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