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    'MENU': (

        # Keep original label and models

        # Rename app and set icon
        {'app': 'auth', 'label': 'Authorization', 'icon':'icon-lock'},

        # Reorder app models
        {'app': 'auth', 'models': ('user', 'group')},

        # Custom app, with models
        {'label': 'Settings', 'icon':'icon-cog', 'models': ('auth.user', '')},

        # Cross-linked models with custom name; Hide default icon
        {'label': 'Custom', 'icon':None, 'models': (
            {'model': 'auth.user', 'label': 'Staff'}

        # Custom app, no models (child links)
        {'label': 'Users', 'url': 'auth.user', 'icon':'icon-user'},

        # Separator

        # Custom app and model with permissions 对于权限的机理暂不明确
        {'label': 'Secure', 'permissions': 'auth.add_user', 'models': [
            {'label': 'custom-child', 'permissions': ('auth.add_user', 'auth.add_group')}

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