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Submitted by Boyangxia on Jun 20, 2018 at 18:16
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class BP_Network
	BP_Network(int x, int y, int z);
	void train();
	void test();
	void op1();void op2();void op3();
	void feedback1();void feedback2();void feedback3();
	void dt1(); void dt2(); void dt3();
	int check(int *x);//处理由图片转化来的一维数组(784)
	int pre, middle1, middle2, next;
	int *input_for_pre;
	double  *input_for_middle1, *input_for_middle2, *input_for_read;
	double *&output_of_pre = input_for_middle1, *&output_of_middle1 = input_for_middle2,*&output = input_for_read, *&output_of_middle2 = input_for_read;
	double **pre_weight, **middle1_weight,**middle2_weight;
	double *b_pre, *delta_pre, *output_pre;
	double *b_middle1, *b_middle2, *delta_middle1, *delta_middle2,*output_middle1,*output_middle2;
	const double alpha = 0.8;
	int target[10];

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