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<div id="tistoryWrap">
	<div id="tistoryHead">
			<a id="tistoryLogo" href="/manage/">TISTROY</a>
			<span id="tistoryService">글쓰기</span>
		<div id="tistoryGnb"><!-- on 클래스 핸들링 -->
			<a href="#" class="link_tit">
				<span class="txt">내 저장소</span>
			<div class="link_btn">
				<span class="btn_comm">열기</span>
				<ul class="list_gnb">
					<li class="fst"><a href="/">내 블로그</a></li>
					<li class="lst"><a href="/manage/">관리페이지</a></li>
		<div class="f_r">
			<div id="tx_autosave" class="tx-autosave box_temporarysave">
				<a href="javascript:;" class="btn_comm btn_tempsave"><span class="btn_comm inner">임시저장 <span class="color">(<strong>...</strong>)</span></span></a>
					<dt class="top"></dt>
					<dt>자동으로 임시저장된 글을 불러옵니다. <em class="save_count">(최대 <span></span>개)</em><br>임시저장된 글은 저장일로부터 30일, 동영상은 7일간 보관됩니다.</dt>
					<dd class="bottom"></dd>
			<a href="" class="btn_comm btn_logout" title="로그아웃">로그아웃</a>
	<div id="tistoryContent">

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