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Submitted by anonymous on Sep 14, 2018 at 09:37
Language: C. Code size: 448 Bytes.

static mct_module_init_name_t modules_list[] = {  
  {"sensor", module_sensor_init,   module_sensor_deinit, NULL},  
  {"iface",  module_iface_init,   module_iface_deinit, NULL},  
  {"isp",    module_isp_init,      module_isp_deinit, NULL},  
  {"stats",  stats_module_init,    stats_module_deinit, NULL},  
  {"pproc",  pproc_module_init,    pproc_module_deinit, NULL},  
  {"imglib", module_imglib_init, module_imglib_deinit, NULL},  

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