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import math
import os
#from scipy import interpolate 
import ROOT as r
import shipunit as u
#from settings import *
#from functions import *
from hnl import mass
from hnl import PDGname

# constants
alphaQED = 1./137.
ccm = 2.99792458e+10
hGeV = 6.58211928*pow(10.,-16)* pow(10.,-9) # no units or it messes up!!

# sigma(e+e- -> hadrons) / sigma(e+e- -> mu+mu-)

class Axino:
    "Axino setup"
    def __init__(self, mass, f_value):
        self.mAxino  = mass*(1/100) # "I am not sure about this line i fixed this 1/100 times ?? "
        self.mNeutralino = mass
        self.f_value = f_value

    def lifetime(self):
        Lifetime= 0.49*pow(10.,-9.)*pow(((1./128.)/alphaQED),2.)*(self.f_value/pow(10.,5.))*pow((10.*u.GeV/self.mNeutralino),3.)
        return Lifetime

    def cTau(self): # decay length in meters, dark photon mass in GeV
        return self.lifetime()*ccm #GeV/MeV conversion

    def allowedChannels(self):
        print "Allowed channels for dark photon mass = %3.3f"%self.mAxino
        allowedDecays = {'chi -> A0 gamma':'yes'}
        """if self.mAxino > 2.*mass('e-'):
            allowedDecays.update({'chi -> A0 e- e+':'yes'})
            print "allowing decay to e"
        if self.mAxino > 2.*mass('mu-'):
            allowedDecays.update({'chi -> A0 mu- mu+':'yes'})
            print "allowing decay to mu"
        if self.mAxino > 2.*mass('tau-'):
            allowedDecays.update({'chi -> A0 tau- tau+':'yes'})
            print "allowing decay to tau"""""
        return allowedDecays

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