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function centroids = kMeansInitCentroids(X, K)
%KMEANSINITCENTROIDS This function initializes K centroids that are to be 
%used in K-Means on the dataset X
%   centroids = KMEANSINITCENTROIDS(X, K) returns K initial centroids to be
%   used with the K-Means on the dataset X

% You should return this values correctly
centroids = zeros(K, size(X, 2));

% ====================== YOUR CODE HERE ======================
% Instructions: You should set centroids to randomly chosen examples from
%               the dataset X

% Initialize the centroids to be random examples
% Randomly reorder the indices of examples 
randidx = randperm(size(X, 1)); 
% Take the first K examples as centroids 
centroids = X(randidx(1:K), :);

% =============================================================


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