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Li = [L(:,1), 2.*room_y-L(:,2), L(:,3)]; % Calculate the reflection point coordinate
d_reflect = sqrt((Li(:,1)-source_x).^2+(Li(:,2)-source_y).^2+(Li(:,3)-source_z).^2); %Total distance of the reflection path
t_reflect_1 = d_reflect./1000./c; %time delay
p_reflect = mod(t_reflect_1*2*pi/T, 2*pi); %phase
thet = abs(atan((Li(:,2)-source_y)./(Li(:,1)-source_x)));%Incident angle
reflect_coefficient = (sin(thet)-sqrt(epsilon_w-(cos(thet)).^2))./(sin(thet)+sqrt(epsilon_w-(cos(thet)).^2));% Cauculation of reflect coefficient
E_reflect = (lambda./(4.*pi.*d_reflect./1000)) .*  reflect_coefficient;
E1=E_reflect.* exp(1i.*(-p_reflect)); %Combine the delay phase to reflection phase

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