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import random, operator

def requestInput():
	Asks for user name and prints greeting
	print("Welcome to the Maths Quiz")
	name = raw_input("what is your name?")
	print('hello ' + name + ' ready for your first question?')
	return 0

def randomCalc():
	'Define Dictionary of maths functions'
	ops = {
		'+': 'operator.add',
		'-': 'operator.sub',
		'*': 'operator.mul',
		'/': 'operator.truediv'

	'select random dictionary item and assign to tuple'
	operatorTuple = random.choice(ops.items())

	'assign items from tuple to strings - step for clarity'
	'this step could be removed and the tuple entries could be returned as part of the function return'
	operatorString = operatorTuple[0]
	operatorFunction = operatorTuple[1]

	'assign random numbers to strings'
	num1 = int(random.randint(1, 101))
	num2 = int(random.randint(1, 101))

	'return mathmateical string, python operator function and two random numbers in one long string'
	return operatorString,operatorFunction,num1, num2

'call the two functions above'
print "Random data to use : " + str(randomCalc())

'Note - you will need to use input rather than raw_input in python v3.x'
raw_input("Press Enter to continue ...")

def askQuestion():
return guess==answer

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